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Jun 16 2014

World cup 2014 fever hits Spain

World cup 2014 fever hits Spain

World cup 2014 fever hits Spain with everywhere displaying flags from the various participating countries. It is a real opportunity for the many ex-pats from all around the world to get together in the various bars, restaurants and cafes that are displaying the matches. In San Pedro de Alcantara where our offices are located, there has even been a large screen erected in the main square which showed the disastrous first Spanish match against Holland where Spain got defeated by a 5-1 score. One mustn’t take this as a negative because the current World Cup holders lost their first game some 4 years ago and went on to win the World Cup so maybe history will repeat itself.

My personal favourites to win are one of the Latin American teams, mainly Brazil because it is a real trend for the hosting country to go on and to do very well in such competitions. Of course in Latin America there are just so many good teams to choose from, not forgetting Argentina.

We can’t write without mentioning good Ole Blighty whom lost their first match against Italy. I think that the general consensus is that although it would be wonderful for them to win the World Cup, I think that realistically a repeat of 66 is not going to happen, but it is fun to get together with friends whilst it lasts.