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Mar 04 2013

Smurfs 3D movie

Smurfs 3D movie

Sony Pictures has announced the second part of the 3D film and will once again use the Serrania hamlet of Juzcar to promote it. This is very exciting news for the villagers and will not only create employment, boost the economy and put this region back on the map again, it is also great for tourism in the area.

In 2011 the Serranía de Ronda hamlet of Júzcar was painted Smurf blue by Sony Pictures so that it could be internationally promoted as the Smurf village for the launch of the Smurfs 3D movie. When it came to Sony painting the properties back to their original colours mainly white, the local residents held a meeting and decided that they would like to keep the houses in the colour blue because it would turn the village into a tourist site which in turn would boost the economy.

True to form, since then the village of 242 residents has been visited by over 185,000 people, myself included. The village is accessed of a narrow road off the main Ronda road. You turn a corner, and there before your eyes is a whole town painted in Smurf blue. It really is quite astounding.

It seems that the brave decision by the villagers has paid off a second time, because Sony has just announced the launch of the second part of the original movie which will further boost the visitor numbers for ongoing years.

Within Juzcar, a tourist centre has been built, there is a Smurf square selling Smurf memorabilia and playing Smurf music, there are Smurf characters on the houses and some houses have allowed people to write on their houses also. It really is a fantastic place to go with the kids. There are a couple of cafes there serving food, however when I went they were packed with people queuing into the streets and that was in winter.

So if you are bored and thinking of things to do with the kids during the Easter holidays, take a trip up to Juzcar, you wont be disappointed.