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Aug 07 2013

Queues of over 3 hours in searing heat at border of Gibraltar

Queues of over 3 hours in searing heat at border of Gibraltar

On a day when queues of up to 3 hours have been experienced coming into Gibraltar, intense diplomatic activity has been conducted at the highest level. Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague have both spoken to their opposite numbers in uncompromising terms to demand an end to the disproportionate action and threats of action by the Spanish authorities.

The Governor said: “HMGoG and HMG have been working very closely together and I welcome the interventions by the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary and their unwavering support for Gibraltar at this time of heightened tension. I also welcome the fact that Prime Minister Rajoy has agreed that a way needs to be found to de-escalate the situation and has committed to reducing measures at the border. I am sure that people on both sides of the frontier look forward to this commitment taking effect and to their right of freedom of movement being fully respected”.

The Governor also said: “The Foreign Secretary and his opposite number agreed on the need for dialogue. In line with its longstanding policy, the UK has made clear once again that it stands firm in its commitment to a return the trilateral forum for dialogue and will not enter into bilateral dialogue on any issue of sovereignty or in respect of matters in the constitutional competence of Gibraltar.”


All I can say is let’s hope that this is all a lot of hot air and it blows over soon!