Hop, Skip or Jump Over Marbella and Visit #SanPedro

If you're one of the many expats who call the Costa del Sol home, you might have had your fill of the Marbella lifestyle in 2014. We're certainly not denying that Marbella was trending all last year thanks to a peak in property sales and more properties for sale in Marbella or surrounding Costa del Sol; not forgetting the new and improved numbers about the Marbella economy in general. But, "Marbs" as its affectionately known, will always take centre stage with tourists or other celebrity gawkers.

This year, we want to focus a bit more on San Pedro de Alcantara, a wonderful and unique place that sits just West of "Marbs".

Let's get trending with #SanPedro2015

Have you heard the news? Like we said, Marbella and Puerto Banus seem to get all the attention around here; however, leaving out the equally great news about San pedro just isn't fair. Much has happened the past few years that has seen San Pedro dramatically grow. Who can forget the tunnel, and having to wait in traffic? Probably best to admit that isn't the best way to remember our little big town.

Bulevar San Pedro Alcantara - It's About Time

Finally! It was a long time coming, and certainly worth the wait; San Pedro Boulevard is here, and the town is buzzing. For many of us who reside in or just outside of San Pedro, it almost seemed like an unreachable goal. At first we endured the traffic jams, almost all the way through San Pedro, Then came the tunnel construction, and still, the goals seems out of reach. We even got to see the blue prints or plans for the Bulevar, and even though excitement was on the horizon, we have to admit, we had our doubts.

It's safe to say we speak for many who live in San Pedro. But, just like all good things, the patience we endured paid off. Where else across the Costa del Sol can you spend a couple of hours walking with family along a "wavy footpath" up in the air, then come back down to the ground to enjoy wine and tapa's? We can proudly yell out "San Pedro"!

Many are predicting that this summer will be the turning point most business owners have waited for, we're happy to agree with that sentiment. From what we gathered here at KMS, the property market is back in full swing. Buying property in Marbella or property across the Costa del Sol in the direction of Malaga still holds strong today; however, in our little neck of the woods, property for sale in San Pedro as far as,  Estepona property for sale is picking up just as fast. The turn-around in the property sector in 2015 is setting the stage for more to come.

San Pedro provides the perfect backdrop in comparison to the gliz and glam of Marbella. Even though Marbella should be on your top destination list, don't count out the panoramic beauty that is San Pedro and surrounding area. Only a few minutes' drive away is the very natural and beautiful Sierra de Ronda mountain range. San  Pedro is also only 20km from the very famous town of Estepona.

San Pedro's ancient history is diverse, but today we remain unspoiled and continue to improve our surroundings. All around us is culture and beauty. Just like Marbella, San Pedro prides itself on the surrounding narrow streets, all packed with their very own shops, cafes and bars. The central plaza is worth seeing as well.

San Pedro is worth more than just a plesant walk, it's a fabulous location for families as well. There is plenty to see and do in San Pedro, and right now, many are making the move back to the Costa del Sol. Only a few years ago, many expats were scared off by the harsh economic times, which of course is understandable. But, now that we're back in business, many expats are skipping over Marbella and heading west to San Pedro. Of course we're not here to discount Marbella and Puerto Banus, in fact plenty of property opportunities remain on the Golden Mile.

Now is the Best Time to Buy Property in Spain

The statistics are more than impressive, they're downright exciting. As estate agents in San Pedro, the news couldn't have come soon enough. Over the past few months, Spanish property news has only gotten better, and really shows no signs of slowing down. Spanish residential properties for example, back in February were up 15.5% on the previous year. There were 29,714 transactions registered across the month, and February became the 11th month of the past 12 to see a year-on-year increase in property sales.

Why the sudden turn around?

Here's the thing, it's not exactly sudden or just falling into our laps. In fact, the Spanish property market has been climbing out of the gutter since 2013. We only starting taking real notice in 2014. Finally, news about Marbella leading Spain's property market recovery was hitting the newsstands and web-blogs. This got us even more excited. The Spanish economy continues to strengthen, and leading the way is Marbella, with sales up by 28 percent in the past year alone. It's honestly incredible, however, the urgency still remains - now is the time to buy property on Costa del Sol.

Malaga, Marbella, San Pedro, and Estepona just happen to be top of the list when it comes to desirable locations to buy property in Spain. Family values seem to count more this time around, and many expats are looking for the perfect place to call home. San Pedro just happens to be one of those places, and with so much construction and improvements made, San Pedro would be your safest bet for the perfect Spanish property.


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