Gibraltar Music Festival

Since 2012, Gibraltarians have had the opportunity to see their favorite musicians in their own festival with a great selection of genres, to celebrate their national week.

In Britain several music festivals are organized during the summer months, taking Glastonbury, Reading or Download as examples, but no one thought to have an event of such grandeur in Gibraltar, a British overseas territory.

History of Music Festival Gibraltar

In August 2012, it was confirmed by the Ministry of Culture of Gibraltar during the month following their first annual music festival will be organized. Also he born on Gibraltar Music Festival, known in English as Gibraltar or GMF Music Festival. His first festival managed to attract big names in the music world, having British singer Jessie J as the main artist, and also played other musicians as Ali Campbell, and local groups Noiz and Jetstream.

The festival this year and Cast

This year, during the days Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September, Gibraltar will hold its fourth annual music festival, having already Segurado to famous stars such as Kings of Leon, Grammy Award winning group. This year as main star will also be English rock group Duran Duran.

Gibraltar Music Festival 2015, organized at the Victoria stadium next to the runway (see addresses and plans to travel below), is expected to attract a diverse cast this year with other groups and musicians including Tow, Tom Odell, The Feeling, Lawson, Third World, Rae Morris, Reach, Strange Brew and Tom Garcia. Still it expected to confirm other groups and musicians for the distribution of this year, to be announced on the official website of the event. More news and announcements for the distribution can be found here .

Festival goers this year will have to wait, as the Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Following, announced last month that the release of his seventh album will soon year, and many suspect that the band will play new songs during the event this year.

Standards, Regulations and Entry Fees

The doors open at 2pm on the first day of the festival, which will end at midnight, still will not be allowed to enter the stadium after 11pm. Events will begin on the main stage 2 and a half.

Not be allowed to enter the stadium with food or drink. But they have jobs inside the stadium where attendees can buy food and drink for all tastes and even vegetarians. Exceptions are permitted for food for infants and people with medical conditions that require them to eat certain foods.

Smoking is permitted in the event, but organizers remember to respect other non-smoking people are in attendance. Chairs and blankets are allowed too, as if only one per person, and is not allowed to enter with tables. Cameras for personal use is permitted, but professional grade kit will be banned.

The stadium is equipped to fit wheelchairs and emergency medical services will be at the scene in case there are accidents.

Please take into consideration that currently there is an ATM inside the stadium, but they can use credit cards to purchase coupons which will be exchangeable for food and drink within the enclosure.

Prices for tickets vary in price: the entry for a day will be £ 65 (€ 89.50) and £ 79 (€ 109) for the whole weekend. There are other packages that range in price from £ 250 (€ 344) to £ 350 (€ 482). Children under 12 are admitted free to the event, although it is required to get tickets at the Ministry of Culture (Ministry of Culture) which is located at 310 Main Street, since it is not possible to obtain them online. Children who wish to enter the VIP area should buy an entire entry at the same price as adults. The free tickets are available only to parents or guardians that they have tickets, and have to carry proof of being a parent or guardian when they pick up the tickets. Adult tickets and packages are available for purchase on the official website here .

Celebrations and History of the National Week of Gibraltar

The concert serves as a festive way for Gibraltarians and tourists to celebrate their heritage and sovereignty, as long music festival is organized during the celebration of the National Week of Gibraltar (Gibraltar National Week).

The National Day of Gibraltar (Gibraltar National Day), also known as National Day (National Day) and Day of Gibraltar (Gibraltar Day) to the Gibraltarians, is celebrated on September 10 each year, and celebrations typically include fairs, barbecues , family reunions, foam parties, fireworks, and of course, his own concert. It is traditional for Gibraltarians and visitors dressed in the national colors of Gibraltar, which are red and white, for the duration of the celebrations. It is considered a national, cultural, historical and political event.

Gibraltar's National Day is a very important event for Gibraltarians as the day serves to mark the first vote of sovereignty in 1967, when Gibraltarians voted whether to move to Spanish sovereignty, or remain under British sovereignty. Although voters chose to remain British, and still is a British overseas territory Gibraltar has its own democratically elected government, currently represented by Governor Sir James Dutton, a former Royal Marine military (Royal Marines).

How To Get

Gibraltar has its own domestic airport, located near the border. In fact, the stadium of Victoria, where the festival will be organized next to the runway. Direct Flights to Gibraltar are available from Gatwick, Heathrow and Luton in London, and the company also offers Monarch flights from Manchester and Birmingham. Since 19 April, EasyJet they have also started offering direct flights from Bristol, and there are also direct flights to Gibraltar from Tangier in Morocco, which began on 29 March.

Malaga airport is located a few hours by car or bus * Gibraltar border. Malaga receives flights from all over Europe and the rest of the world daily basis, many of them offered by low cost.

* There is a bus from Malaga center in La Linea, the village near the border of Gibraltar, several times each day. The bus takes about three hours and is offered by the Portillo bus company. A ticket costs about one path about 13 €. Arriving at the bus station in Malaga from the airport is easy, as there is a commuter train that goes directly from the airport and goes to the center of Malaga. Maria Zambrano station is next to the bus station. Trains run every 20 minutes.

If you want to travel to the festival by car, there are many car rental companies at airports in the Costa del Sol and southern Spain including Malaga, Jerez and Seville. Traveling to Gibraltar will only take a couple of hours from each of these airports.

Where to Stay

There are several hotels in Gibraltar and people across the border, line, and also in other nearby towns. It is recommended to reserve your accommodation in advance, as in previous years the festival has attracted visitors from other countries.

What to do in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is probably best known around the world for its diverse wildlife, but most notably, being home to over 300 Barbary apes *, which can be found in the Natural Reserve of Gibraltar, located at the top of the rock . You can reach the top via cable car. Gibraltar also has many dolphins in their waters, and there are several companies that offer tours in Gibraltar sea for tourists to see the dolphins.

* Please note that monkeys can be dangerous animals, and it is recommended that visitors do not carry over bright objects, such as jewelry, and is recommended also remove other objects that may be the monkeys, like bags and caps. Most important of all is forbidden, and even punishable by law, feed the monkeys, and can carry a fine of several thousand pounds.

Gibraltar also has much more to offer, with several tourist attractions.

In more recent years, one of the most popular destinations in Gibraltar is Ocean Village, an artificial marina also has several residential buildings, offices, restaurants, bars, shops and a casino. One of the most unique attractions it has to offer Ocean Village is the Sunborn Hotel, which is the first superyacht 5-star hotel, and is permanently docked in Gibraltar. 

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Gibraltar Music Festival

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