San Pedro de Alcántara Feria 2014

Summer has come to an end but in the Costa del Sol the fun never stops! 2014 is looking out to be a very good year. At the same time that the property market rises, San Pedro de Alcántara Feria 2014 comes back round the corner for another year of tradition, culture and celebration.

The feria’s name originates from latin, it was used to describe “holidays”, and over the years has evolved in to what we know it as today, a fair which revolves around having a good time with friends, dancing “sevillana” and drinking sangria.  With the help over years of children and foreigners, the old style of feria is transformed in to a more modern one.

This year’s line-up of events is most certainly very impressive:

15th of October, Wednesday: at 19:00 hours, a parade of caricatures will walk around the Church square to celebrate the inauguration of the feria. At 21:30 hours, the official inauguration of the feria “premises” will take place. A performance by local artist Juanjo Alcantara will also take place, as well as other events like the reading of the proclamation and a prize draw for the drawing competitions of the children. At 12.00 o’clock midnight, fireworks are set off to celebrate the first night of the feria.

16th of October, Thursday: At 12.00 h the firecrackers are set off to alert the locals that the fun is about to begin. At 13.00 hours all the inaugurations take place. The famous “casetas” are open to everyone. Some for over 18´s, others for children. At 17:00 hours a big party has been organized for the children in the municipal “caseta”. As for the night feria there is a fifty percent discount on the rides. At 11:00 hours, there will be a dance performance from the Elderly Centre in the Caseta called “Mi Hogar”.

17th of October, Friday: At 13.00 hours casetas open up. The feria can also be seen on Spanish TV from 15.00 to 17:00 hours on Radio television Marbella and on facebook. At 17:00 hours the great parade will take place in san pedro, and it will march from San Javier Street all the way round to Jorge Guillén Street. From 18:00 to 21:00 hours dance acts will take place by the dance academies “Marta Alvarez”, “Vecinos las Albarizas”, “Janet Gonzalez” “Maribel Urbano” y “Karina Parra”. At 23:00 hours the beautifull “Chenoa” will be presenting us with her new music in its purist state through a live performance.

18th of October, Saturday: At 11.00 hours, a competition will take place in the fairgrounds. At 12.00 h the firecrackers that mark the beginning of the feria day are set off as usual. An hour after that, at 13.00 h the horse route begins, where the feria onlookers can travel, by horse, from the fairgrounds, all round San Pedro´s famous streets, and back to fairgrounds again. At 13:00 h, the casetas open.  At 19 h Musical act by “Los Piratas Flamencos”. At 23 h, Prize draw for the caseta competitions.

19th of October, Sunday: At 9:00 hours, Eucharist in church. At 13:00 hours, a procession ceremony of San Pedro takes place. After this, casetas open as usual. At 17:00 hours a bullfighting event takes place in Palangre street. At 23:00 h a musical act can be observed, by the famous duo “Camela”.

20th of October, Monday is the last day, a sad day when the feria finishes with high tea at 18.30hrs. It is then back to business as usual and the countdown is then on to how many days left until Christmas!

From everyone at KMS Property, have a super time at the feria, we certainly shall be there supporting this great event and indulging in the Spanish culture and way of life.

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