Grand opening of the San Pedro Boulevard, on Friday the 12th of December!

The KMS Property Solutions team are proud to announce the grand opening of the San Pedro Boulevard, on Friday the 12th of December! This boulevard is arquitectural eye-candy for the up and coming area.

The park offers so many exciting opportunities for residents. There’s an outdoor concert auditorium, which will be used for shows, theatrical performances, and cultural events, all to be performed in the open air. It is evident that the park space is aimed at younger generations, due to all the facilities that have been installed. It promises to be a great meeting place for parents of younger kids.

The tunnel has already made a huge difference to San Pedro de Alcántara by diverting traffic travelling to and from Marbella. It has hugely reduced the noise pollution in the town and allows those who want to visit San Pedro easy access without the traffic jams that used to drive locals crazy.

The project has cost the government of Marbella the huge sum of six million euros, but we’re sure the money has been well spent. We’re looking forward to strolling down the new boulevard, as we observe the new modern feeling this project has given San Pedro. There will be various activity areas: parks for the children to play in, a huge strip of open space to exercise on, and installed in the actual boulevard are many exercise and stretching machines, for those who want to go work out for free and then go for a nice walk home. There are also many areas to sit down and relax, with the view of the new boulevard. Many cafeterias and restaurants are starting to open up now that San Pedro has really been transformed in to something beautiful.

We have been waiting years for this project to finalise, and will be proud when we see the beautiful boulevard brighten up San Pedro. Our offices are opposite the end of the boulevard, at the commercial centre La Colonia, and for us coming to work every day will be much nicer with all the fences removed and the pedestrian overpass opened.

We hope to see you all there next Friday 1730 at the big opening of the San Pedro de Alcántara Boulevard!

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