Energy Performance Certificate

To bring Spain in line with many other EU countries, a new law has been introduced that will require all owners of residential property in Spain wishing to sell their property to obtain a valid Energy Performance Certificate “EPC” with effect from, 1 June 2013. 

An “EPC” will also be required from 1 June 2013 for all rental properties that are let for a total period that exceeds 4 months in any one year.  For properties let for less than 4 months in any one year, the property owner will be required from 1st of June 2013 to submit a notarized declaration.

Failure to possess a valid “EPC” can result in fines being imposed on both the marketing Real Estate Agents and the homeowner.  These fines, depending on the severity of the case will range from € 300 to € 601,012.10.

The Energy Performance Certificate “EPC” provides two ratings:

The Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) which relates directly to the property’s running costs and measures the overall efficiency of a property. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient the property and the lower the energy bills should be.

The Environmental Impact Rating (EIR) relates directly to the property’s impact on the environment. The rating given represents the property’s carbon emissions, (i.e.) the higher the rating the less impact the property has on the environment.

The “EPC” will demonstrate the energy efficiency of the property at the time of inspection. The energy efficiency is an energy rating assigned to each home on a scale which ranges from “A” (the most energy efficient) to “G” (the least energy efficient).

The “EPC” is valid for 10 years and is transferable to any new owner, upon the sale of the property.  Please be aware, that for the sale of any property completing on or after, 1 June 2013 the Notary will require sight of a valid “EPC” without which the sale will not be permitted to conclude.

KMS Property have undertaken extensive research into this new decree and are pleased to offer our Clients a comprehensive and hassle free service to obtain the required “EPC”. As part of our service we offer all Clients a free, no-obligation quotation, arrange the undertaking of the EPC and provide all relevant documentation required to complete the “EPC”.  We will personally accompany the surveyor to the property and at no stage will we leave a surveyor un-accompanied in a property.

For further information please contact us on or call the office on 952 782 811.

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