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To bring Spain in line with many other EU countries, a new law was introduced that requires all owners of residential property in Spain wishing to sell their property to obtain a valid Energy Performance Certificate “EPC” which came into effect from, 1 June 2013. We collaborate with one of the largest EPC providers in Spain which helps keep the price competitive for our clients. Please check the validity of the person or company undertaking your EPC to ensure that they are an approved official agent.

If you are not familiar with what an EPC is, below is an explanation to answer all you need to know in order to understand the Royal Decree for Energy Certification in Existing Buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

What is the main objective of the epc?

The key objective is to identify the energy consumption and C02 emissions of the property (whether that be for the sale or, long term rent of a property) and to offer ways to improve the energy efficiency of the property hence, providing the opportunity to reduce energy bills and lower pollution to the environment.

Does the epc additionally provide useful information on the energy efficiency results?

Yes, together with a list of recommended actions to improve the overall energy rating of the property.

To whom does the law apply and who actually requires an EPC?

With effect from 1 June 2013 it is legally mandatory for any owner of a property wishing to sell or, rent his property to obtain an EPC before it can be openly marketed for sale or, long term rent.

The EPC is one of the documents required by the Notary at legal completion of the sale of a property.

This law applies to both residential and commercial properties.

What happens if i do not have an EPC?

If an inspection is carried out where you have your property marketed, fines will be issued to both the property owner and also the outlet where your property is being marketed as follows:

  1. Minor offenses, with fine €300 to €600
  2. Grave breaches, with fine €601 to €1000
  3. Very serious infringements, with fine €1001 to €6000

What properties are exempt from requiring an EPC?

Any buildings which by their very nature must remain open for everyday use.

Officially registered buildings and monuments, where compliance with EPC requirements could unacceptably alter their character or, appearance.

Arranging for an EPC

KMS Property Solutions can arrange for their preferred EPC Surveyors, “Ecocerter” to visit your property, undertake an inspection and issue a valid EPC within 3 days of the application.


KMS and Ecocerter


How much does an EPC cost?

KMS Property Solutions will provide you with an instant highly competitive free quotation from “Ecocerter”.

The quotation will be based on the type and size of the property with prices starting from as little as €150 and we register your paperwork with the Andalucía Government for free, without this the EPC is not valid.

If you contact a member of the KMS Team, we will manage the entire process from start to finish. For your free no obligation quotation click here.

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