5 Reasons you should move to San Pedro, Spain in 2016

In San Pedro, Spain you get the best of both worlds. You’ll definitely find fellow expats kicking around, and feel at home; however, the majority of the residents in San Pedro are Spanish, so you won’t feel like you live in little Britain - much like the rest of the Costa del Sol. San Pedro maintains a very “pueblo” feel, and considering it’s only a mere 10 minutes away from the more famous Puerto Banus, it still stands culturally apart. The Bottom line, when you visit or decide to live in San Pedro, you feel like you’re actually in the South of Spain!

If you ask the locals to describe living in San Pedro, most will tell you it’s a quiet and tranquil town, with a true slice of traditional Spanish. It stands as one of the most untouched corners of the Costa del Sol because it maintained a defence against the waves of property developments over the years. The town of San Pedro Alcantara is square shaped and a collection of tightly-knit white washed buildings, narrow streets, and a main central plaza that is overlooked by an old church. One things is certain, San Pedro is a favourite with vacationers, who enjoy walking the old town, and exploring the relatively new Boulevard.

Besides the usual reasons to visit or stay, like enjoying a cup of coffee or beer in one of the local cafes or enjoying the sunshine; there are 5 more reasons to love San Pedro.

Moving to San Pedro – 5 reasons why you should

#1 – The Beach – Playa San Pedro de Alcantara

The Playa San Pedro de Alcantara features a long straight and wide beach, with a lovely promenade where you can enjoy cycling, or talking a leisurely stroll. The best part is the beach is never crowded due to its size, and its high standards of cleanliness and the facilities are recognised by the Blue Flag award.

More information about beaches in San Pedro

San Pedro Beaches

#2 – The Night Life

San Pedro might just surprise you when it comes to nightly activities throughout the small town. You have plenty of choices when it comes to a vibrant and exciting night life. The “Forbidden Square” is popular amongst the locals, especially on weekends during the summer months. The 10 or so bars in the square attract a young crowd, who eventually spill out into the square later in the evenings, mingling and dancing around until sun rise. Besides the pop music at the discos reeling in the younger crowd, you will also find Salsa bars, a large selection of tapa bars, and best of all, the Plaza de Iglesia, where you can enjoy free concerts outside throughout the entire year.

#3 – Main Historical Sites

The Roman Baths, San Pedro Spain

Close to San Pedro you’ll find some very interesting sites and relics dating back thousands of years. The La Basilica de Vega del Mar is one prime example. It was a Paleo Christian church and necropolis (burial site), located in the heart of the eucalyptus by the Guadalmina river just outside San Pedro. The site houses expansive remains of the Basilica including its foundations and evidence of the burial site.

Then there is the Roman Baths - Las Bovedas, next to the beach in the Guadalmina urbanisation. The Roman baths date back to the 3rd century. The solid mortar structure has survived passing history and weather, particularly considering the site is so close to the beach. The entire site was built around an octagonal patio of 9.75 metres in diameter and parallel to the walls are the remains of a 1.20 metre deep octagonal pool. The upper floor consists of a circular gallery with access to several smaller rooms. Generally, most believe the crypts were Roman Baths, but some think they were large deposits for water carried by the nearby aqueducts.

#4 - The cost of living - things are just cheaper this side of Marbella

It’s actually quite amazing how a name or even branded cities can raise costs of even a carton of milk. We won’t pretend to understand it, and we’re sure that particular milk is just fabulous, but if you’re willing to travel just a few more minutes in the direction of San Pedro, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the costs of just about everything are incredibly low. This includes drinks, food whether in restaurants or even at the grocery stories or local shops.

When we compare to the UK’s and Scandinavian costs of living, Spain remains one of the lowest in Europe. San Pedro may not have a cosmopolitan lifestyle, but it has a unique Spanish lifestyle, good wine bars, and the best facilities featuring everything you could possibly need. In some areas, the cost of owning a San Pedro property is very low, especially within urbanisations with low maintenance and admin fees. All you need is the right advice from the right estate agent in San Pedro.

#5 – Property Market Recovery means better Economic Times

Property costa del sol

The news lately has been fantastic when it comes to a revival in the Costa del Sol’s property sector. Reports are pouring in about how foreign investors are continuing to fuel the property market. Despite recent events in the UK, with the shock Brexit vote, and even amongst political turmoil in Spain; nothing seems to be stopping the construction taking place in and around San Pedro Alcantara.

The fact of the matter is residential construction is coming back to life in Spain as foreign investments continue to flow in. The demand for properties including luxury apartments, villas, and beachfront property are making a significant rebound, according to the latest property market news reports.

There are several reasons to move to the South of Spain, and several more about moving to San Pedro. It is a fabulous place to buy property, and the millions of tourists still flocking to the coast each year ensures a fuelled economy. Not to mention the Spanish way of life as probably the best reason ever!

When you move to Spain, you’ve got really no choice but to slow things down a bit, really take in your surroundings. The Spanish are known for being very relaxed, with an attitude that helps them live a lot longer than many across the world.

Here on the Costa del Sol, and San Pedro Spain, things are just better – this includes eating better, laughing more, walking more, and plenty of sunshine.



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