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May 12 2014

2013 a record breaking year for Spanish tourism

2013 a record breaking year for Spanish tourism

2013 a record breaking year for Spanish tourism. Spanish tourist figures just released for 2013 show a 5.6% increase in the number of people taking their holidays in Spain, making it the third most visited country worldwide and breaking tourist records in numerous Spanish regions.

Statistics from the World Tourism Organization show that 60.6 million foreign tourists visited Spain in 2013, a figure that was only bettered by France and the USA. This means that Spain has overtaken China as the country that receives the third highest number of international tourists.

British tourists made up the majority of tourists that visited Spain last year with 23.6% of the total (14,327,277 tourists) followed by Germany with 16.2% (9,854,760 tourists) and France with 15.7% (9,525,432 tourists). The largest rises in tourist numbers in percentage terms were from Russia: 31.6%, the Nordic nations: 16.9% and Belgium: 10.1%. I believe that negative new tax rules being implemented on the French, and the positive new tax breaks being implemented on the Nordic nations is the reasoning behind these 2 nations coming to sunnier climes, with the thought of relocating here. Of course with Russia, the new Golden Visa Scheme would also be a big contributor to this significant rise in tourists, again many in search of a new home sub EUR 500,000 to qualify for the scheme.

The figures are very encouraging, not only for Spain’s economy as a whole, but also for the Spanish property sector, as an increase in the number of tourists visiting Spain means an increase in the number of potential foreign buyers.